About GWF

The Global Women Forum, Singapore is a Non-Profit Interactive Forum of accomplished women from different streams and different countries coming together to work for 'Women in Difficult Circumstances' and create a just and equitable society. We have been actively working in Singapore for the last 2 years and have been supported by several Institutions of repute such as Impact Exchange, Spice, etc.

In India, we are connected to several non - profit organisation and HelpAge India ( India's leading age care charity ) is our inspirational partner, READ INDIA is supporting us alongwith several other leading age-care organisations, pan India. Large Educational institutions such as SP Jain School of Management are our research partners.

We are taking up the issues of the Aged, particularly the Cause of Ageing Women through a Conference with representations from 8 Countries from the SAARC and ASEAN region i.e. India, Bangladesh, Sri lanka, Nepal, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia & Indonesia.


To create a collective voice for women "We must all strive together to create a new Asia, where everyone has equal respect and an equal opportunity to live a fulfilled life"

Bringing women's health issue centre stage and highlight community participation.
Working for the cause of older women in SAARC & ASEAN Region.
Encourage programmes on climate change.
Provide women an equity in financials.
Improve women's political participation.
Work for a safe and peaceful Asian region.
Encourage and promote women's talent in all areas including arts, music, culture etc.
To support country Government's in their formulation of gender politics, gender budget and adopt gender global standards. Connect across borders and develop a gender lobby in Asia to network globally, hold conferences for the above objective.
To help countries to implement these standards. to forge effective partnerships with civil society, corporate world & women's groups. Support women in scientific research, opportunities for creative expression and devise strategies for holistic progress.

Rekha Mody - Advisor

Rekha Mody, social worker and activist is committed to Women Empowerment, working actively in SAARC & ASEAN Countries. A networking expert, she believes that collective thought and action can move mountains. A firm believer in the fact that the role and contribution of women will get even stronger in the future, she provides them with knowledge, information and skills to overcome all challenges.

Apart from her social work, she is a connoisseur of art, a writer and social entrepreneur with the experience of starting a FM Radio station in 1994 in Kolkata.

She is the founder of Divya Chaya Trust established in 1984, Habiart Foundation 1987, Stree Shakti - The Parallel Force 1998. She feels that women all over the world are interconnected on various underlying gender issues. With this thought she started the Global Women Forum in Singapore in 2010 aiming to network with women from SAARC & ASEAN nations. Collectively all her efforts are aimed at Self Reliance, Equity, Equality and dignity for women.

She has edited ‘A Quest for Roots’, a book of more than 300 posthumous biographies of women from India significant in South-Asian history. It is an attempt to rediscover and recount women’s histories that are inspirational and relevant even today.

Rekha Mody has also served on the Board of United Way, New Delhi from 2008 and Women Founders Collective USA, 2006. She is also Trustee of Women International Trust.

Currently she holds the position of Vice President, Mahabodhi Society of India and is actively highlighting the role and contribution of Women in Buddhism with a photographic exhibition in national and international forums.

Shweta Mahesh - Director

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Ageing Women Conference

"Ageing Women Critical Challenges & Concerns" conference was organized at New Delhi on 26-27th August, 2013.

Participating Countries: